Until almost my 17th I’ve lived with my parents in a farm close to Évora (southern Portugal). At the end of the adolescence I’ve moved to the city, where, since then, I live. Now with my wife and 2 wonderful children.

Since early age I was always very curious, thirsty for knowledge and willing to learn new things, experimenting, not always the easiest way. From a very young age I liked to learn "destroying" and then rebuilding - that was the spirit! While studying, whenever possible, I worked, even during my higher studies, to get money to fulfill my on goals.

About 12 years ago, became passionate about photography. I love to photograph people and places, but my main passion is try to record the landscapes altered by human activity, landscapes that are more industrial or less industrial, but that are the mirror of what we are, we do and our relationship with what surrounds us.

Started my professional activity early, in a first phase linked to my background - engineering -, but soon i’ve moved to another challenge - the management and the raw materials - Natural Stone.

I’ve been working this sector for about 18 years and, joining my passion for photography, I began to register the landscapes and people connected to this extraordinary thing that is: extract from the earth part of what is essential for our day-to- Day life, the Mineral Resources. Although I will share much more from me that only industrial landscapes.

Shooting in black & white is my preference!

With this website I do not want to do anything pretentious, I just want to share what I do and what I like do to. The goal is to share things of mine and things from others that I like or have interest. Things I identified myself with… I’m Portuguese and not english native, but I want to share globally, so this is not presumption, and I will try to write always in english (so… sorry about my english!).