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José Ramos - My Photography - Luminous Landscape

Location: Photo made in the unique palafite pier in Carrasqueira, Portugal. This is one of the few remaining palafite constructions in the world, used by Portuguese fishermen to keep their boats anchored. Technical info: Exposure: 30 seconds Aperture: f9.5 ISO: 200 Manual focus. Custom White Balance Tripod, remote shutter.

Want to see some jaw-dropping camera work? Check out this 3-minute trailer for the upcoming feature film Awaken, by renowned time-lapse photographer Tom Lowe. It’s a documentary that explores humanities relationship with both nature and technology.

Lowe shot the photos and footage over 5 years across 30 different countries. During that time, he flexed his creative muscles to pioneer “new time-lapse, time-dilation, underwater, and aerial cinematography techniques to give audiences new eyes with which to see our world.”

In other words, Lowe has broken new ground with his techniques, and at least one renowned photographer and filmmaker has been blown away by the work.


You can check other works from Tom Lowe on its website:

Stunning photo shows rare 'lava' waterfall phenomenon at Yosemite park

"For those that plan on going to see this, be careful since there has been so much water that some of the roads are falling apart. Had an awesome weekend!!! - A special thank you to my wife for letting me go on these crazy fun trips before I get too old to travel."

Photography isn't dead after all, says Salgado

BANGKOK Having once forecast doom for photography in the face of the smartphone, Sebastiao Salgado has changed his mind. One of the most lauded documentary photographers of recent decades, 73-year-old Salgado told Reuters: "I don't think it is endangered. I thought so at some point, but I was wrong and I take that back.